Are Nootropics Right For Me?

Are Nootropics Right For Me?

Are you new to the world of nootropics and trying to decide if using them is right for you?  If so, then you are in the right place!  As interest in nootropics continues to grow across the world more and more people are turning to these cognitive boosters to give them a little extra boost.  Whether you are trying to increase your productivity, be a little more relaxed in social situations, or just to boost you mood a little bit throughout the day, nootropics have something to offer everyone.

If you are looking to improve your mental performance then trying a nootropic may be the way to go.  Nootropics (also called smart drugs, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence boosters) are simply any drug, supplement, vitamin, amino acid, or food that boosts mental performance.  There are a number of different nootropics available today.  You can find plenty of information about each one here at The Nootropics Zone.

So, how do you know if trying a nootropic is a good idea for you?  Well, there are several questions that you have to ask yourself.  While most nootropics are generally considered safe, as with all supplements, there can potentially be side effects.  You should always do your research and learn all that you can about any supplement you plan on taking.  If you feel that the potential risks are acceptable, then starting a nootropic can be a great experience.

Another thing to consider is if you are currently taking any prescription medications or other supplements.  While most nootropics are generally safe and can be taken with other medications, there are some potentially dangerous interactions that can occur when mixing certain nootropics with specific medications.  Again, make sure you do you research before starting any new drug or supplement.

It is always a good idea to consult your physician before starting any new drug or supplement, even if you are not currently taking any prescription medications.  If you are on prescription meds, then it is essential to consult your doctor before starting a nootropic.

Now, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of starting a nootropic for the first time.  This is not a complete list, and some of the pros and cons will vary from person to person.  And also the pros and cons of each individual nootropic may vary.  This is just a general list.


  • Increased Focus
  • Better Mood
  • Less Anxiety
  • Improved Learning and Memory
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Productivity

Again, these are just a few pros of starting a nootropic.  Depending on the particular nootropic, some of these pros may be more or less applicable.  Now let’s look at some cons.


  • Potential Side-Effects (mostly minor like headaches, upset stomach, etc.)
  • Cost (some nootropics can be a bit expensive)
  • Can be hard to find (most nootropics can only be found online)
  • Taste (some nootropics taste gross!)

Everyone has to decide for themselves if the pros outweigh the cons.  For most people, they do.  Side effects are usually minimal or non-existent.  The bad taste of some nootropics can be masked by mixing with food or putting into capsules.  And some nootropics are more expensive than others.

If you do decide to start taking a nootropic, you should start with one of the milder ones that has been around for a long time and has an excellent safety profile.  A lot of people have good results with Piracetam as their first nootropic and then go on to try other ones from there.  And lastly, if the first nootropic you try doesn’t work for you, don’t give up!  Not every one works for every person.  If your first experience is less than amazing, then do more research and try a different nootropic.  Eventually you will find the right one(s) for you!


Are Nootropics Right For Me?
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