Noopept - A Powerful Nootropic

Noopept – A Powerful Nootropic

When people ask me, “What is the best and most powerful all-around nootropic?” I almost always give them the same answer: Noopept.

This nootropic has steadily gained in popularity over the past few years. And for good reason, too. It’s affordable and it works. Plain and simple.

Noopept is considered to be 1,000 times more potent than the common nootropic, piracetam. You heard me right: one thousand times stronger. For this reason, people report amazing results with a very low dose. This is another one of the reasons that Noopept is so popular.

What is Noopept?

Noopept is a peptide-derived nootropic that is very similar to nootropics in the racetam family, like piracetam and aniracetam. However, it is much more potent and has a higher bioavailability.

In the United States, Noopept is sold legally as a dietary supplement. It is rarely found in stores and usually has to be bought online. In several European countries and in Russia it is only available with a prescription. It is used for a number of reasons, including to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and to boost overall cognitive performance.

Although it is technically not in the same family as the racetams, it works in a similar way. Noopept works on NDMA and AMPA receptor sites and their pathways of function. It also has an affinity for the acetylcholine system. This goes a long way in explaining its nootropic effects.

Noopept also has been shown to have an anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) effect. This is thought to be caused by Noopept’s ability to stimulate dopamine (specifically, D2 and D3) receptor sites and Ach nicotinic receptor sites. Dopamine is known to play a crucial role in motivation, focus, pleasure, and anxiety.

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It may also stimulate certain serotonin receptors, which explains its mood-boosting effects. Serotonin (sometimes called “the feelgood chemical”) is associated with mood, appetite, and sleep.

Noopept is such a powerful nootropic that it is being investigated as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. It is thought that it may be able to repair damaged cells and receptor sites in the brain that are commonly seen in Alzheimer’s patients. This research is still in its infancy, however.

It has been demonstrated to be a powerful nootropic for healthy adults. But it is not fully understood if it will have the same effects in people with brain diseases.

Benefits of Noopept:

  • Better Overall Cognitive Performance
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Mood
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Advanced Logical Thinking
  • Increased Creativity

Is it safe?

The vast majority of Noopept users do not have any side effects. At the recommended dosages, Noopept has been deemed safe in clinical trials. Make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage. Symptoms of overdose may include headache, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems.

Noopept is not known to have any drug interactions. But, like all supplements, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting anything new.

Can I take other nootropics with Noopept?

Noopept has been shown to stack well with other nootropics. To increase the effectiveness of Noopept, you should take it with a choline source, like Alpha GPC. Some nootropics, like Noopept and the racetams, work much better when you combine then with a choline source. This ensures that you brain has everything it needs for you to get the most out of your nootropics.

How should I take Noopept?

The recommended starting dosage for Noopept is 10 milligrams. You should always start with a low dose and work your way up as needed. It is generally recommended that you not exceed 40 milligrams per dose.

Some of the effects of Noopept should be felt within a couple of hours of taking it. However, many people report that the full benefits of Noopept aren’t realized until it has been taken for several weeks.

Noopept can be taken with or without food. Taking it on an empty stomach may help it to absorb better. However, some people report mild nausea when taking Noopept on an empty stomach. This is easily remedied by taking it with food.

Noopept – A Powerful Nootropic
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