Phenylpiracetam Review


Phenylpiracetam from Nootropics City


100-300 mg

Length Of Use

On and off for several years

phenylpiracetam reviewPositives

  • Improved Mood
  • Heightened Senses
  • Increased Focus
  • Resistance To Cold


  • Inconsistent Effects


Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic that gets a lot of hype. Many users report an impressive list of benefits. However, some people say that it does nothing for them.

This interesting nootropic is related to the first nootropic ever created, piracetam. But phenylpiracetam is many times stronger than the drug it was created from. You can read all about phenylpiracetam here.

I started experimenting with phenylpiracetam a couple years ago. The first time I bought some I got a sample pack with only 20 capsules, though I should’ve bought a larger quantity. Surprised by how effective they were, I went through them quickly and had to order more just a few short weeks later.

The first time I tried phenylpiracetam, I took 100 milligrams. About an hour later, I felt much warmer and my mood was noticeably better. I almost felt a bit giddy – it was a good feeling.

phenylpiracetam reviewWhen I sat down to get some work done, everything seemed to flow quickly and easily. I didn’t feel overly stimulated, but my mind was sharp.

Another thing that I noticed was that my senses were heightened, especially my sight. Everything seemed a little bit brighter and more colorful – it was cool.

The next day, I took another 100 mg capsule and I had the same experience. My mood was better, worked flowed more smoothly, and my senses were really sharp.

But then on the third day, I took 100 mg of phenylpiracetam again and after an hour, I felt nothing. Two hours… nothing. Three… nothing.

Though it was new to me at the time, I’ve come to expect this from phenylpiracetam – inconsistent effects. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I took a couple days off and then tried 200 mg of phenylpiracetam. Even more pronounced than the first time I took it, the effects came on after about an hour and lasted for maybe 6 or 7 more.

Music sounded especially good. It’s hard to describe – everything just seemed to flow perfectly. My wit was sharp and I noticed that my sense of humor was heightened. It was almost like I’d taken a low dose of amphetamines.

The most phenylpiracetam I’ve taken at once was 300 mg. To be honest, I’ve never noticed any increased effects or longer duration with that dose. For me, 200 mg seems to be my sweet spot.

There is one exception to this, though: If I take phenylpiracetam two or three days in a row (which I rarely do), I find that taking 300 mg on the second and third day makes it more effective.

If I take 200 mg one day and the same dose the next day, on the second day the effects are lessened. But if I take 200 mg one day, then 300 mg on the following days, the effects on the second and third day seem to be just as strong. I’ve never taken it more than a few days in a row, though.

phenylpiracetam reviewA lot of people experience a number of benefits from taking phenylpiracetam daily. I’ve never tried this, though. For me, I’ve always used it for a day or two here and there, followed by a break of at least several days.

Would I recommend phenylpiracetam? Absolutely. Some people seem to respond great to the racetams while others, not so much. If you’re one of the former, this nootropic can be a game changer.

Most nootropic retailers sell phenylpiracetam, which is no surprise since it’s effective and has such a good safety profile. I’ve tried it from a few different stores and I, personally, like Nootropic City’s. It always seems to work a little better than any of the other brands I’ve tried.

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Phenylpiracetam Review
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