Oxiracetam is another nootropic that is a member of the racetam family.  This cognitive booster is considered to be slightly more potent than Piracetam.  It is considered to have a mildly stimulating effect.  Unlike other racetams like Aniracetam, Oxiracetam does not seem to have any anti-anxiety effects.  One thing that makes Oxiracetam an excellent choice for people new to nootropics is its excellent safety profile.  It has been found to be safe at high dosages for extended periods of time[1][2].  In the United States, Oxiracetam is sold without a prescription.



What are the benefits of Oxiracetam?

  • ⇒Enhanced Memory
  • ⇒Improved Focus
  • ⇒Better Critical Thinking
  • ⇒Increased Learning
  • ⇒Increased Sensory Perception


How does it work?

Like all nootropics, the exact way that Oxiracetam works in the brain is not fully understood.  It is thought to work like the other Oxiracetamracetams, by influencing the cholinergic and acetylcholine systems.  Oxiracetam has been shown to stimulate the AMPA and NDMA receptors as well as the cholinergic system.  This goes a long way in explaining why Oxiracetam has such a positive effect on learning and memory.


Safety/Side Effects

Oxiracetam, like all the racetams, is generally considered to be safe at the recommended dosages.  In fact, several clinical studies have shown that Oxiracetam is safe to take for extended periods of time at higher than recommended dosages [1][2][3].  However, like with all supplements, you should never exceed the recommended dosages.

Most people tolerate Oxiracetam very well.  However, occasional side effects have been reported. These may include:

  • ⇒Headache
  • ⇒Nausea
  • ⇒Dizziness
  • ⇒Insomnia
  • ⇒Upset Stomach

As with all supplements, you should always consult a physician before starting anything new.  If you experience any of these side effects stop taking Oxiracetam and they should go away shortly after discontinuation.

Oxiracetam should not be taken with carbamazepine.  Carbamazepine is a mood-stablizer and anti-convulsant commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder and other conditions.  An interaction between these two has been known to occur.  This interaction is not life-threatening, but may cause minor side effects.



The recommended dosage of Oxiracetam is between 800-1500mg.  When starting any new supplement, it is always a good idea to start with a low dose to assess tolerance and work your way up as needed.


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